Officers and Board Members


 Newcomers and Friends of Santa Clarita Board for 2018-2019

Congratulations to our new Board members
 for the 2018-2019 Year beginning in June! Thank you to all the outgoing members for their hard work this past year, the Club is better
for your contribution!!!

We appreciate their volunteering  to help the club grow and thrive,
allowing women of Santa Clarita
to socialize and make lasting friendships!

Executive Board

President: Donna Cerna

Executive Vice President: Maggie Blanchard

First V.P. Luncheons: Maggie Blanchard, Sonja Ley

Second V.P. Membership: Janice Weiner

Secretary: Coralee Funaro

Treasurer: Marjorie Potechin

Website Editor: Sandy Enerle, Barri Boren, Donna Cerna

Activities: Barbra Ferone, Jean Luehrs

Recruitment: Luana Law, Gwen Halstead, Donna Jones

Board Members

Auditor: Trish Mooring

Birthdays: Jeane Cruz, Pat Fellows 

E-Mail Communication: Shirley Birnholz

Explorers: Kathi Giddens, Geri Benne

Historian:  TBD

Hostess: Gay Emans, Pat Fellows, Melody Gillingham, Gwen Halstead, Kay Moioffer,
Marie Moreno 

Luncheon Decorations: Jodie Baker

Luncheons/Programs: Pat Oguss 

Luncheon Reservations: Kay Moioffer

New Members Liaison: Nalini Amin, Milly Ginsburgh

Opportunity Drawing: Wynn Weber, Carla Lewis

Parliamentarian: Alyce Kesselman, Mikki Garside

Publicity: Gwen Halstead

Social: Diane Millikin, Joyce Brady

Sunshine: Kitty Zimmerman, Rose Drye

Telephone: Kathy Kunkel, Kathy Hageman

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