Newsletter Guidelines


The Chairperson of each activity is responsible for submitting the update/article for the newsletter prior to the monthly deadline. To be sure that vacations, illness and family emergencies do not delay the timely submission of an article; an alternate “reporter” should be designated.

Submission deadlines will be the 10th of each month for the Newsletter for the following month: i.e. June 10th for July Newsletter. Think a month ahead!

Please send to WebMistress as directed.

Submissions should be emailed, with update in the email or as an attachment. Please respond each month even if there is no activity or change.  As a courtesy, please use ‘bcc’ for addresses to avoid long address lists, privacy concerns and less printing!

A ‘readable format’ is preferred so that we may ‘cut and paste’ directly from the email to the newsletter, with no further editing.

Article/update should include “Who, What, When (date & time), Where, Why (celebration etc.) How (to sign up, get on waiting list), Cost, appropriate dress & shoes (if needed), directions, deadlines and contact info.

Please, please proofread your article! Double check spelling of names, grammar, spelling and spacing. (In most programs, if the word is underlined in red, blue or green, it is suggesting a correction; you can ‘right-click’ on the underlined word, it will open a box, and then click on the correction. A writer’s best friend!)

Photos may also be submitted.

Please use these fonts and sizes: Times new Roman, Verdana, Comic Sans MS, Lucida Console or Bradley Hand. Size 14, 16 or 18 for Titles, 12 or 14 for text.

Do not use ‘all caps’, which is considered ‘yelling’ and is also harder to read!

Have fun! The newsletter is supposed to be fun and informative for all our members!


(January 2017, B. Boren)

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