To All Game Players

We are constantly compiling a list of members who would like to play or sub for a game. This helps the established groups build their sub list, and sometimes we may be able to start a new group.

Please e-mail me to let me know all the games you are interested playing, subbing, or learning.

Also let me know of any other activities such as bowling or movies or any group you would like to see started.

Thank you,

Barbara Ferone 
Jeannie Luehrs


It has come to our attention that a lot of the information on the activities is not correct. To fix this we are in the process of rebuilding the list of games. If you want your game listed here please send me the name of the game, time and place of play, and who to contact.


Coffee Corner welcomes potential new members and current members for a morning of friendship at different locations around SCV. The event is scheduled on the third Thursday of the month.  New members are encouraged to attend as it is a great way to make new friends and find out about the Club's activities.



  Book Belles                             Carolyn W.                                 1st Thurs.   12:30

  Literary Ladies                        Peg W., Joan H.                        4th Thurs.  11:30
                                                                                                            Opening for 2 members 

  Couples Gourmet                   Joan H.                                       3rd Sat.     every other month    

  Tea Ladies                               Janice W.                                   2nd Tues.  reservation required,
                                                                                                                            Contact Chair                                                                                                                   

 Coffee Corner                           Luana L., Gwen H.                    3rd Thursday, Contact Chair

 Water Aerobics                          Jodie B., Donna C.                    M,W,F  9:00    Contact Chair


    Under construction

 Jody Mc.
 Carla L.

 4th Wed. 1:00

  Contact Chair


    Under construction


     Hand and Foot

  Under construction Under construction

      Additional Games

 Mexican Train dominoes                      Carol C                   2nd Fri   10:30    Contact Chair
  *All members welcome!*


  2nd Fri.10:30

Contact Chair or check  website





  Under construction

  Jane C.

 2nd Tues. 11:00

Contact Chair

  Barbara J.

 3d Wed. 1-3:00 pm

Contact Chair



Want to Form a New Group?

If a group wants to be considered a Newcomers group
and be listed on the website
, the group contact
must e-mail the following information 
to Barbara F. & Jean L. :  

            1. Name of activity

            2. List of all players and subs

            3. Date, time and place of play

            4. Name of contact person

            5. Confirm that they are open to new  members 
                    (even if only as subs)

Also let me know of any other activities such as bowling or movies or any other group you would like to start.

Availability of activities may change at any time due to development of new activities or cancellation of current activities. All participants must be paid club members.
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